of everyday life seen through my lens.

In quiet spaces, shadows play. At once, they exist, fearing the moment when light erases its contours, but breathing in the inexplicable desire of having this other one to dance with.
In this one moment, I could only see eyes, graceful, soft, telling a thousand stories, making me remember. Your smell, your blue eyes, the way your hands moved, the softness of your skin, your laugh. All in one moment, there they were, inexplicably, in the eyes of a cat.

Hampstead Heath

Soho, New York

Un escalier de mille couleurs, le grincement du parquet, des souvenirs d'enfant. Tout un monde, passant inaperçu mais existant à part entière.


It's just like music. Get into the tune, enjoy the beats and do what your heart tells you. Slowly, slowly - if you have enough patience you will learn how to see the magic.