Bonjour !

Where to start- I always find that writing a short description of yourself, is, well, hard. Who doesn't? In a world where you can hire copyrighters in a few clicks, where your Tweet of the day is limited by a certain number of characters, it actually becomes hard to find the right words to describe yourself. But bear with me as I try to be as juste as possible.

I'm a photographer of people, of places, of stories. I was brought up in France, spent some time learning what it was like to be a young adult in New York city, and I am now currently living in London. I started taking photos back in Brooklyn a few years ago using an old family Pentax camera. I haven't never stopped since.

What I try to do (I say try as I don't think perfection should ever be reached) is to tell a story, to capture the untold and the perfectly imperfect, whether it be people, places or things. I'm easily moved by the world, by its beauty, its contours, and I, in turn, try to move others and capture the world I see through images. [Authenticity, kindness, curiosity are some of the qualities I try to live by and breathe in through my photography,]

This is all I was able to come up with and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read the words and the photos I so carefully put together. I hope you find what you're looking for when scrolling through the intimate and manifold stories I try to tell with attention and care. Do say hi or send a quick note! I'm one message away and always looking to create and to tell more stories.

-- Anna


Annabel is sweet, puts you at ease and gives great advice but more importantly, is incredibly talented. She was able to immortalize precious moments, looks.. We had an amazing time. The photos were ready in a flash et the editing was exquisite- we even made an album. Thank you again, Annabel! We cannot wait to do this again at our wedding!

Hortense & Anthony